New Spirit

i've gently move my fear
into nowhere out of mind
open the sky of braveness
try to stand alone and face
the difficulties to deal with situation
see the others, speak, and listen

Give thanks to Allah, say Alhamdulillah.

I thank to Allah Subhana wata’ala. for the facilities He gave to me to learn. Hands, eyes, feet, brain, is to learn as many things as I can. Then laptop, printer, internet, small-wonderful room, the weather, books, television, radio, cellphone, and many things that i can’t mention it one by one. Of course one thing that really important to have, the healthy life that He gave to me.

So, i think there is no reason to be a lazy person. Think that He gave it to me because I am the person, who can use it wisely. For example, researcher, because currently i’m taking undergraduate program that requires the ability to do research. Research is something that really easy for us to get bored on it. But, research is our task, our main goal as student here, our breath in our university.

Think about the other. There are more people who don’t have this facilities. They don’t have enough money to have it. More than it, although they don’t have the facilities, they still have power, passion, reason, and effort to learn, they also can achieve their goal. Those are more important than facilities. That is the core things that really important to have as a student.

To me, ¬†all the facilities, is my chance that Allah Subhana wa ta’ala has given to me. Chance is a condition that gives us two choices, to give our best on it, or to avoid it because we are not able to see what’s future will tell if we do our best on it.