Photo Collection


Recycle Point at Changi Airport

This is the trash-can, i found it when i was in Changi Airport last-year-holiday-time. Look at the design, it’s interesting althought it’s just another trash-can. This is the point of view when i was passing the corridor. I started to get closer to this trash-can, and took a picture, forgetting that was a CCTV hanging on the rooftop. hahaha tacky time 😀 But, really, we have had so many graphic designer in Indonesia, if we could use them to design the trash-can into the interesting one, i bet there will be many people encouraged to dispose the waste on the right place.

Grown Up Turtles

I’ve been living in this house since 3 years ago, and found that my little turtles has grown up this fast. They are living peacefully on the fish pond at the back of the house. Feeding them everyday is my daily activity since i’m doing nothing important right now at home, and haven’t come back from holiday to my city.